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How to Clean an HP 1320?

The Hewlett-Packard laserjet 1320 printer can print black-and-white files and has a printing velocity of as much as 22 pages consistent with minute. To keep the printer's printing first-rate, you need to clean the printer sometimes. Cleaning the printer can also remedy minor problems with your printer.

It is a terrific concept to smooth the printer about once a month, or whilst it starts to expose symptoms of a grimy print head. These symptoms consist of ink filling inside the spaces in letters, and faint lines acting in the margins of revealed pages. Easy the printer greater often if it gets heavy use. If you want to know How to Clean an HP 1320 then follow the some easy steps given below:

Step 1

Smooth the outdoor of the system using a slightly damp fabric. Do no longer use the fabric at the internal of the system.

Step 2

Open the printer cowl and take away the toner cartridge. Using a dry, lint-free fabric, wipe down all indoor surfaces.

Step 3

Download and deploy the hp laserjet cleansing software from the hp website (see resources.) installation merely calls for copying the documents onto your hard force.

Step 4

As soon as the documents were copied, open hppclean. Exe.

Step 5

Pick out "smooth" from the main menu. This may bring up the "print" display screen. Choose your version of the printer.

Step 6

Choose the range of cleaning pages to print. The default number is three; extraordinarily grimy printers may also require anywhere from six to twenty pages to very well smooth them. If you have been cleaning the printer regularly, three pages have to be sufficient. If prints are emerging extremely smudged, with the areas in letters full of ink and contours appearing within the margins of the paper, select 10 or extra pages. If in doubt, pick more cleaning pages -- the printer will not be harmed by way of excess prints.

Step 7

Click "good enough." the printer will cycle via the cleaning method by means of printing several one of a kind patterns on one or more sheets of paper. The styles easy the fuser and print head as they're published. Whilst the manner is whole (which may additionally soak up to 15 mins) take away the pages within the recycle bin.

Print a take a look at the web page to make sure that the printer is operating satisfactorily again. If prints are nevertheless smudged, run the cleaning cycle again.

By following the steps given above you can clean an HP 1320. Or you can call the HP Support -


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