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Link Code for Roku

Link Code for Roku

Roku Link Code is the code that helps you to setup your Roku Account. A Roku account is an individual or personal account through which you can store and choose Roku channels which show your favorite movies or TV programs. For getting your Roku to be ready for use, you need link code for roku to activate your Roku using

How to Find Link Code for Roku?

Finding the link code for Roku location is easy; it is displayed on the TV screen during the activation process. Below is a look at the step-by-step process of acquiring the code:

  1. Using the instructions manual, make all the necessary connections for the Roku device and power it on. A logo will display on the screen, followed by a guided-set-up process.
  2. Start the process by selecting the language and then proceed to connect the device to a wireless network.
  3. Once a connection is made, the device will download the latest software and firmware, and then prompt you to select the preferred display options. Press the “OK” button to allow the device to automatically set the optimal display, and then confirm the resolution settings.
  4. After setting the display, an activation screen will display with link code for Roku. Write it down.

Find Link Code for Roku, With the help of support team:

How to Activate Roku Streaming Device with Roku Link Code?

Follow the instructions from the Start Guide to connect your Roku player to the Internet with roku link code.

  1. Enter you wireless code to use your wireless connection.
  2. You Roku player will play a 5-character link code. Keep in mind to write down this code.
  3. Visit and type the link code for roku correctly.
  4. Log in to your existing account of roku. You will be asked to enter payment information. Click the Skip link at the bottom right so you do not have to enter any payment information.
  5. Once you’ve completed the process, your Roku player is now ready to use.

Issues with Roku Link Code

Link the Roku device to your account. However, time to time you might experience some issues during the activation process. Some issues are given below with solutions:

  1. No link code displayed
  2. One of the top issues is the link code failing to display on the activation screen. This can be due to a temporary issue with your device or missing the activation screen altogether.

    When a link code for roku isn’t displayed, you can get a new one by pressing the “*” (star/asterisk) button.

  3. Device stuck on the link code screen
  4. The screen can take a few minutes to update after activating your device. However, if the screen continues to be stuck, the issue will most likely be due to not completing all the steps on the website. Complete all the steps for the screen to update.

  5. Error message after entering link code
  6. Another common issue is getting an error message after entering the activation code. This can be due to a number due:

    • A typing error – recheck it, and then enter it again.
    • A temporary network issue – check again after a few minutes to see if the issue will resolve.

With these solutions, you are unable to use roku streaming device then you can contact to our technicians. Just give a call:


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