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Windows 8 Support

Resolve Typical Issues with the Windows 8 Support

Windows 8 comes with a significant improvement over its predecessors. Unlike previous versions, Windows 8 offers more refined experienced in terms of performance, security, and support. On the counterpart, it was also criticized for its potentially confusing interface which misses the iconic start menu button. Despite the shortcoming, Windows was able to pull out great sells of Windows 8 around the globe. On the other hand, just like other operating systems, Windows 8 deal with its own technical shortcomings and flaws. Perhaps it’s the complex construction and layout of Windows which makes the life tougher for its users to resolve the issue at .

Here are Some Typical Windows 8 Glitches

Why Windows 8 Start Menu is Missing?

Practically, Windows 8 lacks the charm of its previous iterations. Its default set up doesn’t even allow users to get access to Star menu (which was surprisingly vanished from the interface since its launch). However, there are some third party solutions that were quite capable to resurrect that issue. So, if you are finally looking forward to discard this OS from the system, just make a contact with Windows 8 Customer Care experts at .

Windows 8 Explorer.exe Crashing Frequently

On the surface, Windows 8 explorer looks quite immersive but its deal with a severe drawback. Many users have reported that it crashes and reload frequently. Some of the experts claim that this particular issue generated due to poor hardware integration. To resurrect the issue, you need to explore the Recovery option under the general settings. Thereafter, go to the Refresh your PC without affecting your files and click Get started.

Svchost.exe Bugs the Windows 8 Performance: Check Out!

Precisely, the Svchost.exe is a typical Windows system process that often transforms into a culprit that slows down your system. And it’s mostly happens under the influence of a malware, which deceptively used this system process to hamper the performance of the system. It’s significantly crank up the CPU throttling and makes the system more sluggish than ever. Unfortunately, the bug is difficult to get rectified. You must look for an expert to a quick resolution.

Windows 8 Stay Asleep: Why?

The sleep mode is an integrated feature of the Windows OS which saves energy and makes the system power efficient. But sometimes this feature doesn’t work well. To fix that problem, you may have to make some complex adjustments in the device manager. Nonetheless, you don’t have to go that tedious way, just contact Windows 8 Customer Care Number to resolve the anomaly quickly.

Dial Windows 8 Customer Support Number

Unfortunately, Windows 8 failed to make it presence felt among the quality users. Despite the regular update, the basic essence of this software remains more or less the same. On the other hand, if you want to stay abreast of the Windows 8 technical issues then visit Windows 8 Live chat. Here you can share any sort of issues with the Windows 8 customer care professional and avail quality support at that you never experienced before.

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